Protects and strengthens your brand,
it is the guarantee of quality of your business.

Why it matters registering your Brand

The brand is a very important asset that must be protected. It is the way in which consumers identify the product or service, and finally remember them.

En Bolton.Boyer – Registro de Marcas, tenemos un enfoque moderno y accesible para el registro y la protección de Marcas en todos los países de la región.

The priority has whoever registers first.

Avoids conflicts with your partners, leaving clear the ownership of the rights to your brand.

Claim and do to assert your rights if a competitor creates a mark similar to yours.

Benefits of registering your brand

We have a team of management and legal advice in all the countries of the region that is responsible to do what is necessary to access the benefits that it gives to the registration of the trademark.


Through the registration, you avoid risks affect your rights about your brand and the products or services it identifies.


The registration of a trademark gives you exclusive rights to market products or services and prevent third parties from infringing on your rights with similar products or services.


With the registration of the trademark open the door to developing business with her for all kinds of commercial contracts.

Our Experience

During the past 20 years, our professionals have registered and defended a vast number of brands in all the countries of the region. With all this experience, we'll help you to register your brand and to defend the rights derived from it.

Trademark registration

With some differences depending on the country where you decide to register your brand, in general, any record consists of the following stages:

Feasibility study which determines if they meet the legal requirements to register the mark.
Research and analysis of similar brands that will eventually be able to object to the registration.
Completion of all the formalities of management until the time it is granted the rights on the brand.

Our Team

In Bolton.Boyer proceed to the registration of Trademarks and Patents in any of the countries in which we maintain offices through a single administrative management. In this way, the client makes a single request to Bolton.Boyer which is processed for the purpose of registration directly in the countries that are requested by the client. This not only facilitates the management, but also greatly reduces the expenses and fees apply.   

Bolton.Boyer IP Practice is to charge of Caroline Casseli, a lawyer based in Asunción (Paraguay), with more than 20 years of experience in the field of intellectual property. He has represented countless clients both local and foreign. 

Managing Partner IP Practice

Associate Attorney IP Practice